A New Chapter Begins…

February 19, 2017 § 5 Comments

Oiiii galera!

Okay, time for a post in English. I know these are becoming more rare these days. The life of Eric is taking turns that I can never anticipate. Whew.

  1. I quit my job. My last day of work is the 24th of February. My lease is up on the first of April. My flight is April 12th. So between the 24th of February and April 12th I have some free time, right? Time to pack, move, and maybe relax?

    Nah, that would be too easy for Eric. Because I’m a nut and my partner is also a nut, there is no one to stop us and say “dude, slow the fuck down”. So we’re going to spend the first two weeks of March selling our shit and packing whatever we want to keep so that I can leave it at my Dad’s house in Ohio.

    Speaking of Ohio, we will be leaving North Carolina on the 14th of March so that I can go home for the first time in four years and see my family before I leave the country. Also we’re going to drop everything we’re keeping but won’t need for Brazil at my Dad’s house. We will probably go to the St Patrick’s day parade in Cleveland, spend time with family, and go to restaurants from my childhood and college years.

  2. From Ohio, another road trip. After we spend a few days with family and reassure my mom that her son will actually come home every few years (oh, and introduce my girlfriend to the family…should be INTERESTING). So we’re roadtripping the Northeastern United States. That includes Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. We’re going to spend a few days hiking the Adirondacks in upstate New York and another few days in Acadia National Park hiking and sight seeing.
  3. Somehow, after all that, we need to get back to Ohio to pick my dog back up (shit, that reminds me, I need to ask my sister to watch her). That brings us back to Cleveland on the 28th of March. THEN, we will need to head back south. Our flight is out of Miami! We will probably stop in Raleigh over night to get the last few things before we’re kicked out the 31st. After spending a week with my dad at his girlfriends house in Central Florida we will need catch a train to Miami where we will (hopefully) get a couchsurfing host to have us for a couple nights before our flight to Brazil on the 12th of April!!

Which reminds me, I hope my dad will let me leave my car at his place in Florida. I really don’t know what the fuck to do with it. Shiiiiit. lol se fudeu!

Clearly, we’re crazy. Man to be honest I didn’t realize how nuts all of this will be until I sat down to write it all. But I embrace the insanity!! Bring on Brazil!! More on our plans once I have more time (and once we know what they are hahaha).

Until then, peace and love always to my people of the blogosphere and elsewhere!



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§ 5 Responses to A New Chapter Begins…

  • fronemofobiablog says:

    Now i read it! 😀 you are going to brazil on april 12th! Yeyyy wish you both good luck and have fun on that roadtrip! I wish that someday i can also do something like that… 🙂 its awsome! And hicking? Sick!!! Have fun guys, i will follow your posts here to read the news:)

  • fronemofobiablog says:

    Ohhhh thanks :))) and i am realy rusty right now because i dont talk everyday in English… And i make lots of mistakes when i write. But wish to get better reading your posts! And you mine to learn portuguese! Its a simbiotic thing hehehe

    • esexton410 says:

      Totally, sound like a plan. I don’t see many mistakes. And hell yeah, symbiotic! I like that. Also European Portuguese is easier to understand sometimes. Brazilians don’t really speak correct Portuguese (Shh!! Don’t tell her I said that lol).

      • fronemofobiablog says:

        Hahahahhaha its true! They make so many mistakes! But its like us english and british english, its similar but at the same time diferent 😀 you have to watch this brazilian girl on YouTube – marcela Tavares “não seja burro” its hillariant!!!

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