The Sad Reality Of Politics

December 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

The recent news about the alleged Russian hack of the American presidential election is being talked about endlessly in the press. Right now, there seems to be a pretty clear divide between two parties. First, people who are questioning the validity of “journalism” which is based upon information provided by anonymous CIA sources. And a second group, which is using the news to justify what they already wanted to be true. Namely, that the Russians were the reason Hillary Clinton lost the white house.

But if we take a step back and look at the big picture some obvious and sad realities become clear. In particular, the American people are retarded. Regardless of which of the two aforementioned camps one falls into there is an implicit assumption that the American people could be, and possibly were, duped into choosing their next president.

There’s really no positive way of looking at this election in that sense. Because every possibility makes the American people look like a grumbling herd of cattle unaware of what’s happening in their own god damn country.

Regardless of whether the leaked documents were “hacked” by Russian agents or not, the fact remains that they changed the outcome of the election and certainly helped give Donald Trump the presidency. Forget the fact that the people of the United States chose to vote for a reality TV star because they were given (potentially) strategic information which was (allegedly) disseminated in order to sway the outcome of the election. The most important fact is that American people not only didn’t know basic facts about how incredibly rigged their political system is, but went running for the first charlatan that they could once they were presented with inconvenient information.

And this process repeats itself again and again, in nation after nation. The idea that, if indeed the Russians did hack the election, it was done as a retaliation for Clinton’s long history of meddling in Russian affairs, is incredibly believable. It’s damn near obvious. Even if we eventually discover that the Russian’s did release documents to affect the outcome of the American presidential elections it only highlights the sad reality that the common people as a whole are stupid, tribal, and impressionable.




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