Stoned in Paradise

November 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

[This was something I typed up last night after smoking a number.]

I just took a couple bong rips of this Northern Lights I picked up the other day and I’m genuinely convinced that the importance of marijuana on the creative portions of the brain is one of the most spectacular and beautiful things any human can witness on this earth.

My AP English teacher always told me I was a sucker for run-on sentences.

I feel relaxed. The high was late to hit me but it began to take full effect nearly 10-20 minutes after I finished my initial rips. It was at this point that I was hit with an overwhelming need to speak to someone. So I chose my poor dog, who had been exposed to the stray smoke that littered my living room.

Crap I just got distracted for like ten minutes and I totally forgot what I was going to say.

To be honest the high has that great “sharply focused while stoned” vibe and I love it! I feel stoned as balls but I’m completely comfortable sitting down and typing a very in depth review of the product. The distraction above was only a result of being on my laptop, with the internet, and a propensity to focus or hone in on specific things for long periods of time.

My overwhelming need to speak has now been replaced by an overwhelming desire to type at length with my mouth sealed shut. I would really like an Applebee’s cheeseburger right now. Which is strange, because I’m both a vegetarian and a staunch opponent of mass produced, corny chain restaurants.


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