Looking back on Europe, Looking Forward

August 18, 2016 § 2 Comments

I’ll update on three major aspects of my life:

  1. My European Trip
  2. Learning Portuguese
  3. Future Plans

Europe was a blast. It was an incredible, once in a life time experience. I couchsurfed,stayed in airbnbs, and even hotels. I visited Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Croatia, and Greece. And without a doubt the Greek islands were the highlight of the trip. Our last day in Theira (Santorini after Italian colonization, still Theira to the locals) we took a private boat tour with about 10 other tourists. It was from around noon to sunset and it was perhaps one of my greatest memories while traveling. Hard to say, but maybe even the greatest.

We left from the rocky cliffside shores of Oia, which in and of itself is incredibly beautiful. From there the boat went seemingly deep into the Mediterranean and stopped at the most incredible points along the Theira shore. The two greek guys in charge of the boat were cool as hell. We spent the afternoon snorkeling in the crystal clear Mediterranean water and the evening taking in the sunset while eating fresh seafood.

The rest of the trip was incredible too. In fact, I could totally see myself living in Switzerland. Specifically Zurich. It was perhaps the cleanest and most diverse city I visited in Europe. Not to mention, the train system in Switzerland is fucking incredible. And if you live in Zurich you’re only an hour train ride from some of the most breathtaking mountain sceneries in the world.

I’m learning Portuguese. I’m in love with a Brazilian girl. So of course I’m learning her language. Her English is fantastic, so she’s a great teacher. In fact, everywhere we went in Europe the locals assumed she was American because he English was so on point. I’d like to be that way with Portuguese, but it’s a rather hard language to learn. I’m at the point where I can have very basic conversations. E escrivando é muito mais facil que falando, mas eu estou melhor cada dia. Aprendendo portugues pode estar dificil, mas minha namorada ajuada-me entender tanto. Ela é o amor de minha vida. Larissa, te amo muito. Voce é linda, e voce é meu.

I hope to be nearly fluent or damn near fully fluent in a year because…

We’re thinking about doing some real badass shit. I’ve known for a long time (since I moved here?) that I don’t want to live in North Carolina forever. I met Larissa and decided I needed this girl in my life. So once her au pair contract is over and my lease is up we will be moving somewhere. We seemed to always like the idea of moving abroad or the west coast. But very recently we had an epiphany.

We’re thinking about dropping everything once my lease is up and traveling the world for a year. Specifically, we’re seriously thinking about getting a van and driving around South America for a while. She has family all over Brazil, and we were thinking about working on organic farms in other countries. I’ve heard of other people doing this, and apparently it’s a great way to get free room and board. Obviously, couch surfing is another great option. Places like Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, are on our radar.

It would take a lot of help from friends and family. We’d need my dad to watch Chula for a while. And we’d have to store a lot of our stuff with him and other family. Plus we’d have to reach out to a lot of people to find free places to stay.

Is it crazy? Yes. Will we be broke. Almost certainly. But I’d rather spend a year making memories than building my “career”. I frankly don’t give a fuck about my career. And one year away won’t do much damage to it. Look, Larissa and I have two things that almost no one else has — money and time. Neither of us have debt. And neither of us has obligations to anything or anyone besides ourselves. I love Chula with all my heart, and we spend all of our time with her (except when we’re fucking) but she will be fine with my dad for half a year while we do once in a lifetime shit.

Until next time, liberdade e paz ao povo. Tchau!





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