On Trump, Nationalism

July 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

Donald Trump is dangerous.

His xenophobia, racism, narcissism, and generally belligerent behavior has been well documented. He’s crass, loud, self-righteous, and almost curmudgeonly in a way that appeals to middle America, especially baby boomers. But what makes him and his hoard of American-flag-decal-tshirt 50 s0methings even more dangerous is the blatant nationalism that takes center stage in his campaign.

Sure, every mainstream American politician panders to the pro-America crowd. They have to. Americans become offended if anyone has the audacity to tell them that they aren’t the best. Or that they aren’t great. Or whenever someone tells them uncomfortable truths in any fashion whatsoever. Name another country that gets irrationally upset when they have to press a button on their phone to choose between English and another language, which is spoken by an estimated 41 million Americans.

The problems is that Trump appeals to these people and their deepest, most idiotic emotions. And if elected, these morons would support him unwaveringly as he used nationalism as a transparent excuse to infringe the rights of not just Americans domestically, but the entire world. It would be naive to suggest that Trump’s potential presidency would be the first time a narcissistic bully had access to a military. But the only thing that outmatches Trump’s blatant ego is the size and power of the American military.

And that’s a dangerous fucking combination.


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