Free Markets and the Locavore Movement

January 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

Jim Grant made a great analogy during an interview with Reason’s Matt Welch. See the 1:30 mark of this video.

What we need, Matt, are natural, organic, free range, interest rates. Sustainable, local, interest rates. That grow spontaneously in the market, not the supermarket, hothouse kind the federal government imposes.

Perhaps what was most impressive was that this was a comment made in passing while trying to make a larger point. It’s a measure of Grant’s understanding of finance as well as his abilities to put complex ideas into simple and relatable terms.

Of course it’s an oversimplification, but it’s not one that should be overlooked. It is sort of odd that support for free markets is somehow missing from the typical left leaning American’s worldview. Consider how support for local markets (used here in the common, non-textbook sense eg flea markets, meat markets, etc) is a very essential expectation for any self respecting educated and urban dwelling liberal. The locavore movement has been essential to the liberal mindset for quite some time. Due in large part to misunderstanding and a healthy dose of misinformation, liberals associate free markets with the current state of international economies. At bet, supporting “free markets” is more or less equated with supporting the current status quo of corporate power run amok and central bank manipulation. More likely, it’s seen as a not so subtle way of giving even more power to these same groups.

In left leaning circles of common Americans (and among many Americans in general) there is an unwritten paradigm when it come to economic issues. “Free markets” means allowing corporations to do whatever they’d like. “Regulations” are the tools used by the state to keep that from happening.

It’s sort of funny how Americans fail to see what it is that makes them love their local flea market down the street and what makes them hate the large, heavily regulated international markets. Who do you think sees more state intervention? The two old hippies who own the bookstore on the corner or the international commodities market?




Sex Education

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I want to review what sleeping around Raleigh and Durham has taught me about myself and what I’m capable of.

  1. I’m attractive. The beard, the eyes, the height. A lot of very attractive girls want to be with me. And while I’ve always seen myself as attractive, this experience has shown me that I’m even more desirable than I thought. That is, if the number and quality of women that have sex with me is any indication.
  2. I’m intelligent. Once again, this is something I’ve known. But what I didn’t realize is that the vast majority of single men in their 20’s are either awkward and bad at sex or total douchebags. I’ve been told many times that I’m a very rare combination of interesting and sexual. I think there are two main reason for this. First, I really am a catch. Second, most intelligent and attractive men settle down and find some beautiful girl before 25. Guys like me are too focused on travel and enjoying life.
  3. Sex is better outside of a relationship. When girls are having sex with you for the first time (especially when they just met you) they want rough sex. I’ve had multiple girls tell me that they like when I “pound” them. They all used that exact word, too. It’s very common to hear things like “have your way with me” or “destroy me” during sex. I even had a girl ask me to choke her. Maybe it’s because I look masculine, so I attract women who want to be manhandled. Whatever it is, my experience has shown me that women really like to “fuck”, then maybe make love.
  4. I have game. First of all, if my experience with dating and generally with meeting new women has taught me anything, it’s that the whole “pick up artist” movement is fucking retarded. If you’re a generic and unattractive person, perhaps pick up lines might help you. But you’d be better off taking a year to focus on yourself and figure your own shit out. When I meet a new girl or go on a date I’m never thinking about what to say. I’m just myself. And if being yourself isn’t enough to attract women then guess what, time to focus on YOU.

    I’m still working on figuring myself out. But I have enough life experiences and personal passions that I can just talk to a girl like I would speak to anyone else and they will be attracted to me. Of course, step 1 is always be attractive. And if you’re a 20 something guy just go to the gym, diet, and grow some facial hair(if that fails get tattoos). Women will come.

    So when I say I have “game”, I just mean I’m attractive, well spoken, and interesting. I’m a weirdo. I know that. And I embrace it. And because I’m also attractive girls like it. People like it. Understanding this has been a big breakthrough for me and how I interact with other people.

  5. I’m a really fucking good kisser. So far I’m batting 100% when I kiss a girl. I have yet to kiss a girl and not end up fucking her. I’ve had girls tell me after the fact that my kiss made them want to fuck me right then and there. There’s no secret to this one. It’s just like fucking– some of us are blessed.

The Power Of Instinct

January 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

The last time I checked in I was sure fear was motivating my decisions. I was sure that I was a coward, running away from commitment once again.

I’ve never been happier to be wrong. It took me a long time to figure this out, but I’ve finally realized that I needed time to be on my own and do my own thing. Oddly, I’ve been having more sex since I’ve been single than I was while in a relationship. And in the process I’ve met a number of really cool girls. They’re all people that I don’t mind hanging out with…and having sex with.

I’ve found being alone to be a really relaxing situation. On nights where I want to meet someone for drinks or have sex, I can arrange that. And then if I want to spend the night watching Always Sunny and smoking alone I can do that too. It’s given me the ability to appreciate my own independence while also helping me put myself out there and interact with new people.

I will admit that I’ve been meeting a lot of new people. And I’m trying to keep my gallivanting around town under control.  But it’s early on and it’s hard to do that. Especially when I’ve yet to have a bad experience.

So as it turns out, I wasn’t running away from my previous relationships out of fear of commitment. It was just the result of years of hopping from one relationship to another in an attempt to fill a void that only my own self-reliance and development could fill. It was an instinctual desire, pulling me out of a situation I shouldn’t have been in.

Not to mention…it’s fun as hell. I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up my current pace, but I could see myself living some version of this lifestyle for the remainder of my 20’s. Ideally I’d run into my soulmate at some point in my late 20’s and settle down but at this point I’m just enjoying now.

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