Soulmates: Part I

July 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Early morning, Monday, August 18th, 1968 — Bethel, New York

The damp, late summer air lays stagnant over the remaining hoards as a tired silence permeates what was once an electric atmosphere. Before that, an empty field. A slight breeze blows and carries a stench, but we were immune. Love was in the air, or so we were convinced. The crowds had dissipated. Only those of us who truly believed remained. Fads are a fickle thing, but love brought us here. And love will prevail. We were sure.

I look into her eyes. Deep and blue, she looks back. We stare deeply into each other’s eyes. No, even deeper. We were looking directly into each other’s souls. No words were spoken, but the unspoken truth was real. We knew each other. Maybe not in this life until two nights ago, but in a previous life there was no question.  And many more before that.

As we lay in the grass having a conversation with no words, she reaches out and grabs my hand. I feel her touch penetrate my very being. We don’t break eye contact – blue on blue in a sea of green – as we forget the world and reconnect in the way that only kindred spirits can. In a couple nights we’ve shared our minds, bodies, and souls with only each other. The music became the soundtrack to our universe. We were the show. We were the attraction.

As the world slowly slipped into the background, we grabbed each other’s arms. I look even deeper into her eyes and feel the warmth of her soul wash over mine. Then I feel the rush of euphoria as she delivers the fuel that brought us here. I look into her eyes and for the first time I sense a break in the stupor. Her turn. I grip the syringe and find her favorite vein. As I break my concentration on her arm and look into her eyes, I see the same light in the back of her eye begin to flicker again. She smiles. We smile.

At once, nirvana takes hold.

Then something goes wrong. How much time has passed? Does anyone else notice? I begin to look around frantically but realize I can’t move my head. I catch the look of fear in her eyes. I can tell she senses mine as well. Our souls reconnect and suddenly it’s okay. She smiles, we smile. This is it.

A new light begins to appear. This one brighter than either of us. We fall into it together. The world begins to fade into the distance. Our souls melt into each other and into this new light. We are together again, and shall meet again soon. Once every generation our lights recombine. And the universe repeats itself.

When we meet again is anyone’s guess. But the love of animals will surely play a part in resorting the mess.


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