Liberals and False Accusations

June 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I hate complaining about liberals for two reasons. First, because it makes me feel like one of those anti-intellectual morons who habitually watches Fox News and drive around with one of those “Annoy a Liberal” bumper stickers on their pick-up truck. Secondly, because it bothers me that such a ragtag bunch of imbeciles somehow managed to steal the label of “liberal” from some of the most distinguished defenders of the free market.

In any case, this post isn’t a critique of liberalism. Such an attempt would inevitably be a waste of time. Liberals, generally speaking, aren’t very interested in economics. Debating politics with someone who has little interest in economics is like having a debate about linguistics with someone who doesn’t care much for spoken language.

…It’s hard.

Instead I’d like to point out a certain tendency which seems incredibly common amongst leftists, but especially amongst liberals/progressives/Democrats. For whatever reason, many liberals seem to immediately assume that everyone who disagrees with them is either a total moron or somehow bought and paid for by some liberal bogeyman (large corporations, conservative/libertarian think thanks, etc.).

This has happened to me personally multiple times. I type/say some long winded explanation in favor of free markets and in return I’m scoffed at as if I were a five year old too simple to understand such topics. And whenever a libertarian starts gaining a following it’s inevitably followed by liberal accusations of ties to some stereotypical leftist bogeyman. But perhaps liberals took it to an entirely new level when, most likely in response to his frequent critiques of the Obama administration, they began to accuse staunch progressive Glenn Greenwald of being an “economic libertarian” with ties to CATO.  Because, you know, if you disagree with Obama you must be some type of closet right winger. God forbid any dissent comes from the left.

I’m not sure where this mentality comes from. It’s a very shallow way to approach disagreement. I’m undecided if this is a result of the type of people who are attracted to liberalism or if it’s just a coincidence that almost every staunch liberal I’ve met is a condescending douchebag. In any case, it’s probably best if I move on to a new topic. I can already feel the urge to grow out my sideburns, drink cheap beer, and listen to Sean Hannity.


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