Boston bombing suspect: “I don’t have a single American Friend”

April 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

According to Slate, the dead Boston bombing suspect was a Chechen refugee who didn’t “have a single American friend”. This is particularly interesting, because it fits one of the main criterion of suicide terrorists documented by Robert Pape and James Feldman in their groundbreaking book. Of course, the Boston bombers were not suicide terrorists. Regardless, it isn’t that much of a stretch to assume that similar criteria fit terrorists of all flavors. Given the fact that the two suspects were Chechen refugees whom were also (according to Slate) rather isolated from the rest of American society, it certainly looks like they fit at least one of the main criteria for terrorists.

Granted, we do not know the motivation of the Boston bombers. Pape and Feldman showed that in almost every case, suicide bombers would attack a nation which they perceived as a threat to their homeland/ethnic group. Thus, if this was indeed a terrorist attack, it’s more likely that the bombings were motivated by perceived religious/ethnic threats(they were both Muslim) as opposed to nationalistic ones. If the Chechen bombers were motivated on behalf of their homeland, they would have more likely attacked Russia due to the atrocities that the Russian government has committed in that part of the world.

I haven’t been following this story very closely, but whatever happened to the Saudi national that was originally taken into custody as a suspect? What happened to him? Was this just another instance of the mainstream media getting something entirely wrong?

Which brings me to my next point. The internet has been crucial in gathering quality information about this atrocity. The few times that I’ve seen mainstream news sources on television or print, the quality and depth of information has been slim. Compare that with the Internet, where thousands of tips and photos have popped up in places like Reddit.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, one has to wonder about the steps the United States government will take in reaction to this horrible act. I’m rather worried about Patriot Act, NDAA-esque garbage filtering its way through Congress(to be promptly signed by Mr. NDAA himself, Obama). Furthermore, will the United States government, via it’s trusty mainstream media outlets, start to think about intervention in Chechnya? Or perhaps more likely, will the fact that Chechnya has made national news provide the feds with the opportunity to badmouth the Russians and create a public outcry against the previously ignored atrocities in Chechnya?

Whatever happens, you can rest assured that it won’t be good for the average American. Sadly, it’s just as likely that most Americans will support whatever terrible decisions the federal government makes. The peasantry do not think very clearly when they’re emotional, and the elite know that.


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