I sold out: I’m going to Global Festival

August 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t know how Ron Paul does it.
There’s going to be a concert on the Great Lawn of Central Park in Manhattan. When I first heard that The Black Keys, Neil Young, and the Foo Fighters would be on stage together for a single concert, my first thought was — damn, I wish the money. Then I found out that it was free. Then my mind = blown. Okay, so you enter your name into a drawing and they e-mail you if you “won”. Well, what do you know?! Christine and I each entered into the “drawing” and both of us won! Hmm…either no one gives a shit about this potentially awesome concert, or something else is afoot…
Long story short, the concert is going on alongside some huge International meeting and is funded largely by a bunch of UN front organizations. The purpose is to “help end world poverty” or some other hogwash, but I suspect the main point of the concert is too keep all of the hipsters preoccupied, so that they can’t repeat the Chicago mishap. And so long as we’re donning our tin foil hat and speculating, I’m sure having the names and e-mail addresses of a few thousand college students is useful(this was required to enter the drawing to win free tickets).  Oh, and you have to sign at least two UN “petitions” in order to enter the drawing.
So yeah, I whored myself out for a couple of free tickets to an amazing concert. How Ron Paul managed to stay so pure while sitting in Congress for thirty years is beyond me.
Oh well, time to rock and roll!
P.S. I’m halfway done with Mises’ Human Action. I would have been done much sooner, but I’ve been a little busy the past couple weeks!


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