The evolution of Ideas

June 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s impossible to say when, but eventually human society will mature to the point that the state will no longer be necessary. At some point, enough people will become educated in the workings of the state that they will come to the same realization that many of us have: it’s not necessary.

Indeed, this is a thought that many of us have as young children. It isn’t uncommon for a young child to ask questions like “why do we need government?” or “why do these green pieces of paper have value to people?” etc, etc. Unfortunately, most working class parents don’t know the proper answers to these questions. Instead of providing a real answer, they typically respond with whatever cliche phrase they’ve been programmed to say. “Because otherwise there would be anarchy!” or “Because those green pieces of paper can be used to buy more things!” It’s sometimes odd to grow up and realize that most of the answers you were given at a young age were nothing buy institutionalized propaganda. And despite the fact that your parents may have simplified their answers when you were five years old, their statements are a decent representation of their understanding of the situation.

This isn’t the fault of your parents, but it should certainly give you pause. If the very people you have trusted your entire life for answers could be so incredibly wrong on such essential issues, then how much of what you know is complete hogwash? I’ve spent just about every day of the past two years answering that question, and it never fails to amaze me how much of what we believe is a lie.

Once again, it should be reiterated that this “gap” in understanding between one generation and the next should not be interpreted as a gap in intelligence. The genes are still the same. If I were to believe that both my parents we ignoramuses, then guess what that says about me? 🙂

Rather, it’s the different forms of information travel that have made it easier for my generation to find the truth. Even still, if I had never come across Ron Paul, I would be spending my time wasting away on Facebook and worrying about professional sports. If it weren’t for the internet, I would have never discovered the truth via Ron Paul.

And like anything else on earth, the growth of ideas are exponential. It may take time, but thanks to the increased level of communication free of government/corporate control, technological advancement has provided a mode by which the truth can spread far and wide.

For that, we should all be thankful. And eventually, the truth will prevail.

(I’m still working on a larger blog post. I hope to have it done this weekend.)



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