Why I’m glad that Rand Paul endorsed Romney

June 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Okay, I said that I would lay off the political commentary, but I just couldn’t pass this up.

Rand Paul actually endorsed Mitt Romney on the Sean Hannity show. The fucking Sean Hannity show. It’s like Rand wastrying to make this look like a complete and total sell out.

At any rate, I’m glad this happened.  A lot of well intentioned people at the Ron Paul forums have been supporting Rand for quite some time. I never really warmed up to the guy. He was never as extreme as his father, and it was obvious that he was moving through the ranks of the Republican establishmentwaytoo fast for someone who has no connections with the neoconservative “old guard”. I’m not suggesting some sort of weird conspiracy theory, I’m just stating an obvious fact: Rand Paul is willing to play ball with the Republican party.

I’m sure there’s a number of people who will attempt to rationalize this, and they will then accept “party politics” as a “means to an end”. Right. Get back to me in about a decade. Let me know how that goes.
Forget Rand, and forget the Republican party as a whole. They ignored Ron, and thought that they could buy out the entire movement by getting a shallow endorsement from his son. No. People were never attracted to Ron Paul’s person hood– they followed him because he stood for something. Now that this can no longer be said for Rand, he will lose any of the support from the liberty movement that he previously had. Furthermore, the Republican movement gains nothing from this move. Douchebags like Hannity think they scored big with this one. Oh, this will get those mysterious libertarians to vote for the Grand ‘Ol party. Sorry Sean, we aren’t going to sell out like the evangelicals did back in the day.Anyone who was swayed by Rand’s endorsement was probably going to vote for Mittens regardless.

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