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April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

For my intro philosophy class, I had to write a speech that was directed to an audience full of the worlds most powerful people(I’m assuming that means politicians, bankers, etc). I chose to talk about(surprise) a free society. I was limited to two pages, so it’s apparent that I had to cut my speech short. Unfortunately, there’s just so much that I’d like to cover. 🙂 Here it is, just for shits and giggles:


First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for attending such an important event on this beautiful September 11th evening. Some of you hold immense power and clout around the globe. Being given the opportunity to speak to you today is an enormous privilege; a privilege that no doubt produces envy in the soul of every political scientist, philosopher, and theorist worldwide. Tonight, I’m going to attempt to convince you of some rather unconventional things. Namely, that all of you should quit your day jobs. Then, you will be replaced by no one. Put simply, I am going to attempt to explain to you the merits of individualism, free markets, and a truly free society. To do so, I’m going to briefly describe the perils of three oppressed groups in human society. The struggles of all three groups are a direct result of the actions of the nation state. That is, those same bodies of force in which you claim to be in control of.
First and foremost, it should be stated directly that constitutions mean absolutely nothing. Democracy means absolutely nothing. Elections mean absolutely nothing. None of these things have ever preserved freedom, and none of them ever will. A quick glance at the history of American society proves the irrelevance of constitutions and the democratic process. In every way conceivable, the state has engulfed the civil liberties of everyday Americans as its tidal wave of tyranny continues to run roughshod over the lives of private, harmless, and peaceful people from Kentucky to Kazakhstan.
I’m sure we all remember what occurred on that fateful day, exactly eleven years ago. Surely, the September 11th attacks are still fresh in the mind of most Westerners. In fact, the vivacity with which this memory blinds the minds of most Westerners has resulted in an increased military presence across the globe. In an effort to retaliate for the attacks on September 11th, Western governments have destroyed the lives of thousands of Middle Eastern families, and eroded the rights of the very citizens they were elected to protect. To the young Afghani boy whose mother had been raped and killed by American soldiers, the “War on Terror” is nothing but an unwarranted occupation. And in the United States, the bipartisan support for treasonous laws like the Patriot Act and the NDAA has effectively reduced the constitution to nothing but a piece a paper. Ironically, all of this is done in the name of “safety”. The consensus among experts is that the world trade center attacks were committed because of foreign occupation in the Middle East. The thought that we can somehow prevent terrorist attacks by committing the same acts that sparked them is the definition of incompetence. Unfortunately, such is the case in the nation state. War is a boon for both major American political parties, and the violence of the state at home and abroad is a natural byproduct of the system. Victims of war, both at home and abroad, are one of the most heavily oppressed groups in the world.
The violence of the nation state is not isolated to foreign wars. In fact, the so called “war on drugs” has managed to lock up hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug users into cages. The touted democratic process has failed the thousands of humans caught smoking a plant that grows like wildfire in Northern California. And for what? To whose benefit is it that these people are thrown in cages? Alas, the system has no answers for these questions, save for a separate jail cell waiting for anyone who dares to question loud enough.
And what do both of these groups have in common? They are minorities. The minority is the third and final group that is oppressed by the state.  Minorities are always the first group to be oppressed by any so called “democratic” system. Whether they are a religious, racial, ethnic, or even ideological minority is irrelevant. The nation state— whether a democracy, monarchy, or any other type of political system— always exploits those groups who have the smallest voice(the lone exception occurs when the country is ruled by a minority group). The helpless Afghani(Oops, I meant Afghan. Apparently I’ve been reading one too many economics books 😉 ) child and the peaceful cannabis smoker have one thing in common: they were both victims of an overbearing government.
The peril of these three groups is but a small piece of the entire puzzle. The argument given for these three groups could easily be extended to thousands of other everyday humans who are victims of the violence of the state. The solution is a simple one—a society dictated by individualism, free markets, and freedom from the coercion of the state. In such a society, the co operation of everyday humans and the spontaneous order of human society will bring society to unknown heights.


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