My Message to Liberals: Vote Ron Paul

January 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

As Obama’s first term in office comes winding down to a close, it’s become painfully obvious to anyone paying attention that his calls to end the wars were a farce. Granted, anyone who believed that the same candidate whose largest donor in 2008 was Goldman Sachs would represent “the people” was probably kidding themselves. Then again, we can’t expect much less from Americans these days, where sweet talking politicians can be swept into office on the backs of banks, corporations, and just about every other organization that most Americans claim to despise. That irony isn’t lost on some of us, but with your typical Obama supporter, irony is apparently a forgotten phenomena. Or at least it must, because otherwise, I can’t understand how these people live with themselves.

What kills me the most about liberals is how easily they contradict themselves without even trying. At least with most of the conservatives on Fox News, you basically know right away that they’re full of shit. There isn’t really any pretenses about it. Sean Hannity’s television show is like a half-hour of in your face bullshit. Outside of a slim majority of the American populace, I’m pretty sure this is well known. The difference with liberals is that, somehow, their incessant bitching about the same old fallacies time and time again goes completely unquestioned. Indeed, most of the supposedly “unbiased” media like CNN would agree with much of what is said by people like Rachel Maddow. More importantly, much of Washington, DC(regardless of party) would agree with much of it.

This is in some ways related to the ways in which liberal operate. By and large, they expect government to do a lot, which is easily witnessed by Americans. When the government builds a bridge, well, there it is. Look at how marvelous the bridge is! It’s what isn’t seen that no one hears about, and it’s also hard to explain ‘what isn’t seen’ in 30 second sound bites. Sometimes, Ron Paul does a pretty damn good job, but I’m afraid Bill Mahr is much better at making smug, bullshit remarks, and in many ways, he’s batting for the ‘other team’.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter, and expose one of the biggest hypocrisies the left is currently undertaking: namely, their dismissal of Ron Paul. Just the other day, I got into a short back and forth with someone on the ‘Occupy Cleveland’ facebook page. I mentioned something about civil liberties and Ron Paul 2012. In typical leftist fashion, the first response was a smug comment referring to Ron Paul as an ‘asshat’ and citing claims he made twenty years ago about homosexuals with HIV. Essentially, he said he wasn’t voting for Ron Paul because he made a statement he disagrees with. As I tried to explain, even if Ron Paul believed those statements he mad twenty years ago, it wouldn’t matter! He doesn’t want social issues decided at the federal government. His campaign is running on the platform of state’s rights. You know, the same idea that brought California and New York legalized gay marriage.

Of course, I never received a response. His comment garnered a few likes, but absolutely no one tried responding to my post. Most likely because they couldn’t. That is, without seriously looking into what I said, which would take time. And as we have established so far, repeating catchphrases and dishing out smug remarks is way easier than actually doing research. Not to mention, it makes you look smart.

At any rate, as I typed my response, I really started thinking about it, and it kind of cracks me up how stupid that guys comment was. He’s essentially saying “Yes, it’s perfectly okay if we keep bombing and killing hundreds and thousands of Brown people. Also, forget civil liberties, who needs them. Matter of fact, let’s just outright repeal the 4th and 6th amendement. The NDAA and the Patriot Act are just beating around the bush. Let’s get serious about this whole tyranny ordeal.”  Which would followed up with “Oh, granted, all of this is only okay so long as you say nice things about homosexuals.”

Essentially, a vote for Obama over Ron Paul is essentially a vote in favor of wars, death, destruction, and the minimization of our rights. Oh, but Obama ended the war in Iraq! True, but he ended it on Bush’s deadline. Look, I don’t know about you, but I set my standards for peace a little bit higher than “Hey, if it’s good enough for GW, than it’s good enough for me!”. Even still, Obama wanted to keep troops in Iraq LONGER. That’s right, his thirst for war even surpasses that of George Bush.

But hey, at leas he once said something good about gay people, right? Right?

Damn that Ron Paul, he doesn’t support gay marriage. Just look at what he has to say about it! Psh! State’s rights?! What has that ever accomplished for gay marriage? Oh, wait..

I’ll update soon. Maybe this weekend. I’m pretty swamped with homework, so we will see what happens.


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