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I’m early on in my exploration of the ideas of liberty. Everyday I feel more confident that the ideas of liberty are something that everyone could agree on, it just depends on how it’s presented to them. For instance, if I were to go back in time and try explaining my current ideology to the Eric of two years ago, I would probably be ignored! Two years ago, I was dead set on believing the status quo. To do otherwise would seem like extremism. The idea of a voluntary society would strike me as ludicrous. So evidently,  I’m either becoming more enlightened, or incrementally insane.

There are still some things that I have to iron out–specifically: defense, private courts, etc, etc. I plan on reading a few Austrian texts and non-Austrian texts that deal specifcally with these topics. I’m trying to keep an open, yet discerning mind about all of this. Part of me trusts the logic and reasoning of the same men that lead me to this point(Ron Paul, Thomas Woods, Thomas DiLorenzo, etc) but I’m still being careful not to simply “trust” anyone. I’m trying to think about this critically.

That said, there are certain facets of a voluntary society that should come naturally to any honest individual who is searching for the truth. Namely, the topics of money, banks, and more generally, competition come to mind. Now that I think about it, you could basically group all of these topics under the title “competition”.

When one accepts the idea the taxation is indeed theft, and that all government actions are nothing but a use of coercion, certain ideas become apparent. The idea that sticks out the most, is that of competition. In my mind, competition is really the key to understanding and accepting a voluntary society. In fact, I’ve found that many of us are voluntarists and we didn’t even know it! Here’s a paraphrasing of an interesting conversation that exemplifies my point(we were discussing taxation, government, and how ridiculous it is that we should be taxed to pay for illegal immigrants, etc, etc. I would definitely consider this person a conservative, so I was just going with the flow of conversation so I could keep them interested):

Me: You know, I think it’s ridiculous that we get taxed for things we don’t use.
Person: Yes, that is ridiculous!
Me: Wouldn’t it make sense for government to break down your taxes into smaller chunks and explicity tell you where each tax is going toward?
Person:Hah! Yes, but you know they would never do that!
Me: Of course not! But what if they did that, and then gave us the option to “opt out” if you will. Any service that we don’ t want to use, we could “opt out” and choose a private provider instead.
Person: begins to nod head… know, that’s a really good idea.

^Wow, what an extremist. 😉

This same idea of “competition” can be applied to the monetary system. If we were to end legal tender laws, and legalize competing currencies, we would give people a free choice to in their everyday economic decisions.  What’s so dangerous about that? What honest person could possibly oppose such a thing?

Notice I said honest person.

So a heads up to every dishonest individual reading this; you’re nothing more than an individual. No group or cartel is stronger than an idea. You can use guns, propaganda, and force all you want, but you can’t kill an idea.

But you can die trying.




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