The OWS protests and the inherently contradictory “social justice” movement

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the midst of the Occupy Wall Street mania, it’s become incredibly clear to me that the real “movers and shakers” of international banking, and thus, international politics, must be incredibly pleased. I mean, there are people in the streets who are actually naïve enough to be clamoring for exactly the same type of “social justice” system that these globalist bankers have been planning. In fact, the current wave of protests and the incredibly backwards demands that many of its participants clamor over, really makes one wonder just how much the globalist bankers were involved in the creation of Occupy Wall Street to begin with.

Conspiracy theories aside, I find this entire “movement” to be incredibly aggravating. It makes me feel almost hopeless that this world will ever understand the true motivations of those in power—that is, not politicians, but the banking elite who truly call the shots in the international system. The truth is, the OWS protests are most likely music to ears of the of the “1%”(ignoring the arbitrary and imbecilic nature of such a number).

Granted, the faction of OWS protestors who tend to associate with the Ron Paul Revolution, actually pose a threat to those in Wall Street and abroad who have created the situation that we find ourselves in. Obviously, the American media will do it’s damndest to ignore such a truth, and only report about this faction in as much as it will hurt Paul’s standing among likely Republican voters, who see OWS as nothing but a collective liberal, immature, and desperate cry for handouts.

I’m almost finished reading the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. In many ways, this blog post was motivated by what I’ve read so far, and how it’s drastically affected the lens through which I’ve examined the OWS protests as a whole.

Griffin claims, with significant evidence, that the major players of the international banking system have been using Central banking as a means to promote a New World Order, which would be controlled “behind the scenes” by the same influential bankers that currently make significant decisions across the globe.  Griffin shows that a majority of the most prominent proponents of central banking were in fact communists (namely, John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White). These individuals saw central banking as an invaluable tool in bringing state control to human society.

Somewhat ironically, the large swaths of the OWS protestors who call for “social justice” in the form of increased state control, and redistribution of wealth, are playing right into the hands of the same bankers that they are supposedly rebelling against.

What a sad state of affairs.


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