My political history: Part I

September 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

I figured that the best way to start off this new blog would be to post a history of my political past. If this blog is going to be a way to document the ongoing political and intellectual transformation that I’m undergoing, it’s probably best to give some background as to where I’m coming from. Here’s a brief look into my belief system before Ron Paul, as well how I ended up becoming a Paul ‘fan’.

I didn’t care about politics until I took an AP government course my junior year of high school. I would routinely do well on all of the exams, and I began to realize that I was somewhat interested in the subject.

Here’s where it gets confusing:

At the beginning of my high school government class, I took some online test that was supposed to tell me where I was on the political spectrum. I guess they purposely did this before you actually learned anything to find out how you would “naturally” answer. Looking back now, it mostly turned into a barometer of how well you’ve been indoctrinated by the public school system and the American media. Turns out, I was good little sheeple; my results came back as “Liberal”. They ask questions that would lead any unassuming and uneducated individual(like myself at 16) into answering in favor or government support. Things like “do you support government protection of the national parks” etc, etc. How could any average 16 year old with no political education besides “obey your overlords” logically disagree with the loving, caring, state and it’s wondrous national parks?

In all seriousness, I’m really glad that I took that class. It gave me the opportunity to learn how the political system works and what all the silly little titles mean(or at least what they were supposed to mean) before I ever formed my own opinions.

So I walked away from that class with a basic understanding of the political structure in the U.S. Once I reached that point, I decided that I wanted to form my own opinions. So I did what every other American does to form their opinions–I turned on the television. Boy, was that a mistake.

Like many 40-50 year old white men, my dad was a “Fox News” kind of guy. I’ve always looked up to my dad, so Fox News was the first place I went to “form my opinions”(okay, honestly, I didn’t really turn the television on thinking ‘alright…who am I going to repeat today?’ But that’s essentially what it turned into).

After a few weeks on a steady Fox News diet, I was already apart of their little “no spin zone”. I would come home from class and watch Niel Cavuto, Glenn Beck, and Mr. Master of the prime-time himself, Bill O’Reilly. Yup, I had it figured out–the rest of the media…literally, everyone else on television– was a raging liberal who had it out for those ‘conservative’ dieties at Fox News. Get this– I even bought two Bill O’Reilly books. And read them.

Please excuse me while I go take a shower.

My short escapade into the land of neocons and hell bent social conservatives was destined to be short lived. One day while I was driving home, I drove past a guy holding up a sign at a busy intersection that read something along the lines of: “Ron Paul for President: Legalize it”. I laughed out loud and thought to myself: There is no WAY someone is running for president and wants to legalize pot– that’s awesome!

With a thought process like this, one could see how my days spent reading Bill O’Reilly books were going to come to an end eventually.


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